To celebrate Fit Guru Gyms 5th year anniversary we’ve treated ourselves and our members with several items of new training kit, we think we now have a nice mixture of training kit to suit all fitness abilities.
For all you Cardio haters out there! … STRONGMAN Training might well be your Salvation!
Fit Guru Gym have invested in all new strongman equipment & would like to show you that Cardio can be Manly too!
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Who would of thought it possible… but Strongman training will gain muscle & lose fat at the same time.
Weighted carries double as interval training, almost any strongman exercises is going to make your pulse hammer! Because so much muscle is working at one time, your body’s demand for oxygen is extreme. You’ll get a cardio session in while training your muscles. Strongman training is about true functional strength, it’s about lifting heavy, awkward objects (like those you encounter in life) and getting them from A to B. Whether that it is from the ground to overhead, or from one end of the room to the other. Strongman is about getting you strong to a degree that you never thought possible. All primal movements are covered pushing, pulling, lunging, squatting, bending, twisting & walking with load.
Why not try Strongman Training for yourself at our complimentary workshop & open day to celebrate our 5th year Anniversary, held at Fit Guru Gym on Saturday 20th August at 12 noon.
If you can’t make the open day & fancy more specialist 1-2-1 attention book your Personal Training Session with Joe to start your Strongman /strongwoman journey today!
If Lifting heavy things is not your thing but you still want to spice up your Cardio routine, try our NEW ‘Ski-Erg’. Nordic skiing is an exhilarating and aerobically demanding sport, so it’s no surprise that Nordic skiers are extremely fit athletes. The Ski-Erg makes this terrific aerobic exercise accessible to anyone.
The Concept2 Ski-Erg helps you build strength and endurance by working the entire body in an efficient, rhythmic motion. Skiing is a low impact, high calorie burning exercise suitable for all ages and abilities. You are in complete control of the resistance: the harder you pull, the faster the flywheel spins, which creates more resistance.
Why not sign up for a Gym Membership Today so you can start to use these new exciting bits of kit, We offer gym memberships from £30 per month with no contract and no joining fee. We’ll offer a full gym induction bespoke to you.

Another great addition to our gym is the new Glute and Hamstring Developer (GHD).
This is a great bit of kit that focuses on working your Posterior Chain, often an area neglected in many.
Your posterior Chain is your back, butt and hamstring muscles and they contribute to jumping, pushing, pulling, running and even something as simple as sitting down and standing up. Unfortunately, ensuring that you have a strong posterior chain is tricky for a number of reasons. First, most people sit on their arses all day, leading to quad dominance. The glutes then lose their primary role of hip stabilization and extension. Second, many people have placed too much focus on the muscles of the anterior chain (which include the abs and quads) either intentionally or unintentionally through incorrect programming.
The posterior and anterior chains are intimately linked, so there needs to be balance between the two. If too much attention is placed on strengthening the quads, then the glutes and hamstrings will not get any support. Sedentary lifestyles, sitting at the desk and lack of proper exercise lead to poor muscular activation patterns within the posterior chain. This basically means that the main muscles that should be performing most of the work take a break and the stabilizing muscles have to take over. When this happens, there is marked anterior tilt of the pelvis and an accentuated curve at the lumbar spine. This is a recipe for acute and chronic lower back pain syndromes.

Every muscle group needs to be flexible and strong enough to do its job, otherwise there will be an over-reliance on others to take the load. This can contribute to chronic tightness, fatigue, stiffness and spasm episodes—not to mention the risk of injury when you are moving weight. This highlights the importance of focusing on both mobility and stability in your Training.

In a nutshell training the posterior chain is crucial to be able to move well, perform athletic movements, and protect yourself from injury. Obviously, the chain should not be neglected, and fortunately many of the exercises we do in our Classes (such as kettlebell swings and deadlifts) target the muscles in the chain to ensure that they are strong. However, if you would like to learn more about how to include both mobility and stability into your Training regime attend our complimentary mobility workshop
‘M.E.L.T Fit on Saturday 20th August at 10.00am led by Fit Guru’s Chartered Physiotherapist.

Or try a 1-2-1 Personal Training Session …or have you ever thought about our Platinum plus membership? This Membership includes unlimited gym use, unlimited classes and 1 Personal Training session per month, this is great for people that are self-motivated to attend the gym, but need that extra monthly guidance to keep their training sessions fresh or ask for advice on certain training methods and techniques… Enquire Today!
Talking of self-motivation and extra guidance we have designed a new class specifically for people that regularly attend the gym but lack the motivation to push themselves outside of their comfort zone or struggle to think of new training routines to keep things fresh.
This New Class is a Hypertrophy Strength Class called ‘FLEX FIT’ We have purchased some nice shiny new dumbells expecially for this class, a series of free weight routines will isolate and target specific muscle groups to achieve maximum results in toning, muscle building and strength.
For Fit Guru Gym Members this class is included in your membership, but we would also like to invite pay as you go clients to attend this class for £6.00, however we anticipate this class being very popular and getting booked up Fast.. So please book your place, it will work on a first come, first served basis.

To all our existing members the Fit Guru Team hope that the new training kit adds more fun and variety to your training sessions, to potential new members, if you are interested in finding out about anything I’ve mentioned in more detail please just ask, we would love to get you started on your Fit Guru Journey TODAY!
Email the gym; fit-guru@hotmail.co.uk or Call us on; 01225 311179

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